strategy + creative = magic.

Where does our magic come from? The answer is simple. We focus on strategy and creative, two things we are most passionate about and bring them together into one agency.

who are.

Authentic. Accomplished. Smart. Nimble. Generous. Supportive. Thoughtful.

JM Marr + Tiffany Jones met in 1996 at a digital marketing agency when the term "digital" was unknown. Since that time, they have worked for various marketing companies.

From Atlanta to Boston and finally landing in Los Angeles the two opened the doors of their own agency, IAC. For them, it's go big or go home and they're always in it for the long haul. They've provided services for most industries including supply chain, food and beverage, toys, entertainment, travel and tourism, telecommunications and healthcare.

Today, they focus on partnering with companies they love, who share their passion to create strategic works of art that accelerate company success.

In addition to their creative + strategic services, JM + Tiffany launched their Academy which delivers master classes in graphic design, strategy, and communications.

In their spare time, they pay it forward volunteering to raise money for Tower 60 Foundation and the City of Hope.

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Creativity makes everything better and a lot less boring. We embrace creative design as a way to bring your strategic goals to life. 


We eat, sleep, and breathe strategy. We love strategic thinking. Everything we do starts with strategy.